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Raised $2640.00 at the Charity Mahjong tournament held at the Epping Club
We are pleased to announce that we RAISED $2640.00 at the Charity Mahjong tournament held at the Epping Club on Sunday, 2 November 2014! All monies raised are donated to Alzheimers Australia NSW. Read more
Asia Pacific Mahjong's third Grand Final was successfully accomplished on 26 Oct 2014 at the Gladesville RSL Club.
All our players thoroughly enjoyed the day with intense competition faced in every game,after 4 rounds, Susanna LO won the grand final title with 495 points,followed by Siufung HO with 386 points and Anh CHANG with 373 points. Read more
Charity Mahjong Tournament for Alzheimer's Australia NSW - The Epping Club on 2nd Nov 2014 @ 9 AM
We are pleased to announce that Asia Pacific Mahjong in conjunction with the Epping Club and the Lions Club Sydney Waratah are coming together to raise funds through a special Charity Mahjong Tournament. Read more
Wrap With Love From Our APM Members
This is our first blanket from APM for donation towards the organization "Wrap With Love", also we see some of our members busy knitting blankets for donation towards the organization "Wrap With Love". Read more
Asia Pacific Mahjong - lst Anniversary Promotion
Honda Jazz VTi (AT) GIVEAWAY RRP $19,990
Starts Tuesday, 1 July 2014 - DRAWN time 14 December 2014 @ 6.45 pm. Come and play our games,you will have a chance to win the car. How to win. Read more
Asia Pacific Mahjong trip to Kunming for the Treyo Cup 2014 WMMIT - 5 June to 8 June 2014
Our team of 13 arrived at the airport on 4 June 2014 between 7.00 and 8.00 pm. We were ready to take on the challenge at the Kunming Treyo Cup 2014 World Mahjong Masters Invitational Tournament. more
Asia Pacific Mahjong New Rules
In order to provide a fair and enjoyable tournament game,we would like to implement two new rules. more
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Latest game result
Saturday Morning--Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL
1Bingsheng PAN WCG2123127825
2Chih Peng HSIEH WCG1622321675
3Mei DONG WCG1722344655
4Thieu Quyen TANG WCG1421564635
5Juliana Sau King SZETO WCG1722375595
6Thi Mui THAI WCG1321419450
7Pung HUANG WCG1421682400
8Kathy ZHANG WCG1922885355
9Genmei HOU WCG1722484350
9Yanming YAN WCG1822837350
Saturday Afternoon--Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL
1Ming Ming PAN WCG2123125855
2Hong DAI WCG1822786755
3Guiyun XU WCG1321189675
4Dorothy MAK WCG1321228620
5Sylvia CHONG WCG1321085560
6Kathy ZHANG WCG1922885530
7Hing SHUM WCG1321470485
8Genmei HOU WCG1722484455
9Bingsheng PAN WCG2123127395
10Linda PANG WCG1321468370
Saturday Night--Ashfield RSL Club
1Wai Kwan KWAN WCG1622310965
2Jie YANG WCG1321313640
3Chih Peng HSIEH WCG1622321550
4Genmei HOU WCG1722484360
5Christopher PANG WCG1321377335
6Yin CHEN WCG1722448205
7Dominic MOK WCG1321317195
8Tuanying XIE WCG1321278190
9Mary MAK WCG1321120135
10Linda PANG WCG1321468130
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