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Code of Conduct

APM Tournament Directors will endeavour to maintain a pleasant environment for all our customers, but are not responsible for the conduct of any player. We have established a code of conduct, and may deny the use of our venues and competition to repeat offenders.

The following are not permitted:

  • Collusion with another player or any other form of cheating

  • Verbally or physically threatening any patron or employee

  • Using profane or obscene language

  • Creating a disturbance by arguing, shouting, or making excessive noise

  • Throwing or shuffling tiles into the centre of the table before a Tournament Director arrives to check the score

  • Destroying or defacing property

The following actions are improper, and grounds for warning, suspension, or barring a repeat offender:

  • Deliberately acting out of turn。

  • Deliberately splashing mahjong tiles into the centre of the table。

  • Needlessly stalling the action of a game.

  • Making statements or taking action that could unfairly influence the course of play, whether or not the offender is involved in the game。

  • Using a cell phone at the table.

  • After rotating tables, the player should not tell the results of his previous opponents to his new opponents, and he should not elaborate in detail his own previous results. Also, one should not ask such information of his opponents。


The Tournament Director may require a player to testify to what he or she has seen or heard. The player has the obligation to give true witness. A player who deliberately bears false witness to undermine the fair and just rulings of the Tournament Director will be heavily penalized, up to the maximum penalty of disqualification and blacklisting.

In the event a player is caught cheating by a Tournament Director or by another player, an immediate disqualification and blacklisting will apply.


, Each player should play for oneself, aiming to achieve the best score and ranking for oneself. One must not intentionally play to the detriment of one's results with the purpose of improving the results of a certain other player. This is called collusion, and is a serious offense punishable by disqualification and blacklisting.

, During the play of a hand, the situation may arise that an opponent has developed a major threat of a high-scoring hand. In such case, sometimes it is to one's advantage to deliberately help another opponent win a small hand (even deliberately discarding the winning tile for the opponent), so as to escape the threat of the big hand. This strategy is called "Tactical Alliance", and is legally allowed because the purpose is to avoid a big loss for oneself, which is to one's own benefit.

, There is also the case that, while an opponent is clearly threatening a big hand, one also has a big hand himself with a good chance of winning (already calling or close to calling). In this case, one may want to risk discarding dangerous tiles because he does not want to abandon his own big hand. This is considered legal risk-taking.

, Even when the player has accumulated a negative score in the round, and is likely to be eliminated, he should still play to the best of his ability, and should not discard recklessly. Otherwise, the player may be penalized for collusion, regardless of whether he has arranged any illicit agreements with another player or not.

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Saturday Morning--Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL
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Saturday Night--Ashfield RSL Club
1Wai Kwan KWAN WCG1622310965
2Jie YANG WCG1321313640
3Chih Peng HSIEH WCG1622321550
4Genmei HOU WCG1722484360
5Christopher PANG WCG1321377335
6Yin CHEN WCG1722448205
7Dominic MOK WCG1321317195
8Tuanying XIE WCG1321278190
9Mary MAK WCG1321120135
10Linda PANG WCG1321468130
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