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Check the latest Guobiao game report from Brisbane player Graham Quan.
This season ends on 30th Oct 2016, the new season starts on 31st Oct 2016.
new rules start on 12 Sep 2016 in our APM games until further notice.

On four player table,there will be no 14 tiles dead wall,on three player table, there will be 14 tiles dead wall.

We will use these rules until further notice.
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Chinese media links to Batam international Mahjong Tournament

The australian team result from batam tournament
Yuanding FU25th
Xuetao ZHANG28th
Aleksander IVANOVSKI55th
Donald WONG60th
Karen ONG78th
Henry CHOI82nd
Ai Ngoik WONG83th
May LEE89th
Graham QUAN96th
Teresall MONSALL100th

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Wenlong Li and Panjing Song from China do GUOBIAO training at Wentys
Read more
Wrap with Love News - March 2016 Newsletter
As we are coming into Autumn, it is a good time to start thinking about those children and families facing great hardship this coming winter. Let us get together and start knitting squares which we have previously done and put another blanket or two together for donation to a worthy cause. Read more
International Guobiao Mahjong competition at batam island published on Indonesia local news paper
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Latest game result
Saturday Morning--Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL
1Bingsheng PAN WCG2123127825
2Chih Peng HSIEH WCG1622321675
3Mei DONG WCG1722344655
4Thieu Quyen TANG WCG1421564635
5Juliana Sau King SZETO WCG1722375595
6Thi Mui THAI WCG1321419450
7Pung HUANG WCG1421682400
8Kathy ZHANG WCG1922885355
9Genmei HOU WCG1722484350
9Yanming YAN WCG1822837350
Saturday Afternoon--Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL
1Ming Ming PAN WCG2123125855
2Hong DAI WCG1822786755
3Guiyun XU WCG1321189675
4Dorothy MAK WCG1321228620
5Sylvia CHONG WCG1321085560
6Kathy ZHANG WCG1922885530
7Hing SHUM WCG1321470485
8Genmei HOU WCG1722484455
9Bingsheng PAN WCG2123127395
10Linda PANG WCG1321468370
Saturday Night--Ashfield RSL Club
1Wai Kwan KWAN WCG1622310965
2Jie YANG WCG1321313640
3Chih Peng HSIEH WCG1622321550
4Genmei HOU WCG1722484360
5Christopher PANG WCG1321377335
6Yin CHEN WCG1722448205
7Dominic MOK WCG1321317195
8Tuanying XIE WCG1321278190
9Mary MAK WCG1321120135
10Linda PANG WCG1321468130
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