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Grand Final

Asia Pacific Mahjong's third Grand Final was successfully accomplished on 26 Oct 2014 at the Gladesville RSL Club.All our players thoroughly enjoyed the day with intense competition faced in every game,after 4 rounds, Susanna LO won the grand final title with 495 points,followed by Siufung HO with 386 points and Anh CHANG with 373 points.

Here are the top 16 players

1Susanna LO$5000
2Siufung HO$2000
3Anh CHANG$1000
4Anna YU$500
5Daniel HUANG$400
6Jianming SHI$300
7Dorothy MAK$200
8Dominic MOK$100
9Cammy CHAN$75
10Weiqiang RUAN$75
11Alexander HANG$75
12David VUONG$75
13WU SUN$50
14Chung CHOI$50
15Jie YANG$50
16Jin CHEN$50
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Thursday Night--Ashfield RSL Club
1Allan.P.C CHAN WCG1421951840
2Binh DU WCG1421566735
3IVANOVSKI Aleksandar WCG1321402625
4Pung HUANG WCG1421682525
5Susanna LO WCG1321299460
5Des CHEE WCG1321018460
7Hing SHUM WCG1321470440
8Xuefeng WAN WCG1923065410
9Kevin LUONG WCG1421563375
10Yaling LI WCG1922983370
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