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What's on today
Rego1:30PM - 2:25PM
Game2:30PM - 5:00PM
Address20-26 Canterbury Rd Hurlstone Park
Rego2:00PM - 2:55PM6:30PM - 7:25PM
Game3:00PM - 5:30PM7:30PM - 10:00PM
Prize$500$750 *monthly final (up to $2000 on second Tuesday in every month)
Address26 Humphries Rd Wakeley
Double attendance for afternoon game
Rego6:30PM - 7:25PM
Game7:30PM - 10:00PM
*venue monthly final (up to $2000 on last Tuesday in every month except December)
$6000 if it is APM monthly final
Address26 Bridge Rd, Belmore NSW 2192
Double attendance
Latest News
2019 Canley Heights RSL Mahjong Championship top 32 players

Henry CHOI2
Mary WONG3
Vera WU4
Shihao ZHOU5
Nhi Thuan HUYNH6
Yvonne LEE7
Jingru ZOU8
Constance LIM9
Dayong LIU10
Lai CHU11
Powan MA12
Johnny CHONG13
Junwu HUANG14
Mei LI15
Xiu Rong LU16
Edmond WONG17
Dorothy MAK18
Ying LI19
Julie TO20
Linda PANG21
Lihua LIU22
Xiaohui HUANG23
Peter CHEUNG24
Elian CHAN25
Susanna TINYOW26
Nelson MAK27
Wu SUN28
Hing SUM29
Sau Lin LI30
Wen GU31
Amy WONG32
Canley Heights RSL winter Championship prize money breakdown on 2 June 2019
2019 Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Mahjong Championship $40000 top 16 players
Wai Kwan Kwan1
Julie Leung2
Chung CHOI4
Margaret Wen GUO5
Leon Zili HUANG7
Nelson MARK8
Kent Koon Keung LAU9
Junwu HUANG10
Connie-SH FUNG11
Linda PANG12
Christopher PANG13
Ben LIU14
Jinqiu SONG15
Rongsheng QIU16
5th anniversary cruise party report
The Detail for the 5th anniversary cruise party report click here
Notice to all APM Mahjong players
The Detail for the cruise is Embark Casino Wharf, Pirrama Road at 12PM on Sunday 14 Oct 2018, The Vessel name is Bella Vista. plan ahead and please don't be late
2018 Epping Mahjong Championship $40000 top 16 players
Wendy CHAN1
Shihao ZHOU2
Sau Lin LI3
Pingxia CHU4
Jingru ZOU5
Mei Yi WONG6
Yiu Hing YAU7
Meihong LAO8
Zhaolan NI9
Shuijin XU10
Linda ZHANG11
Zhihui LI12
Ji Xi XIAO13
Kang Yong LIN14
Michelle LIEW16
2018 $38500 CNY Mahjong Championship top 16 players
Kenneth YIP1
Mei Lin CHAN2
Yvonne LEE3
Linda PANG4
Fiona CHUNG6
Nelson MAK7
Sylvia CHONG8
Jinyou HUANG9
Dominic MOK10
Kai Kit TAM11
Xiaohui HUANG12
Paddy HO13
Des CHEE14
Zhen LU15
Constance LIM16
Check the latest Guobiao game report from Sydney player Anthony TO.
Final result for the Nanyang Modern Mahjong Mindsport Tournament
Notice to all Guobiao winners from Organisers of the Nanyang Modern Mahjong Mindsport Tournament
Your chance to win tickets of Nanyang Modern Mahjong Mindsport Tournament 2018, in Singapore from 1st to 5th March 2018
From 5th Oct 2017 to 11th Jan 2018, we will have Guobiao competition on every Thursday night at Ashfield RSL, the top 2 players on the leaderboard will get free airfare and accomodation to Nanyang Modern Mahjong Mindsport Tournament 2018, in Singapore from 1st to 5th March 2018.
Click here for more details
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BAIDA Leaderboard
1Donald WONG WCG13213591485.2
2Linda ZHANG WCG13211021394.1
3Huang Dai HO WCG13213201213.2
4Jiansheng ZHANG WCG13213401174.3
5Elain CHAN WCG13213971161.6
6Dora LAW WCG17224831146
7Xiaoli WANG WCG14219641138.3
8Junwu HUANG WCG13211741129.6
9Allan.P.C CHAN WCG14219511104
10Annie YAU WCG13210261101.7
11Yiu Hing YAU WCG13213781100.1
12Tho TU WCG13213161075.4
13Xiu Rong LU WCG14216371066
14Le Chanh HUA WCG13210321061.5
15Guilan WU WCG15220381054.8
16Julie LEUNG WCG13213381047.3
GUOBIAO Leaderboard

1IVANOVSKI Aleksandar WCG1321402324
2Aaron Hoi Che CHANG WCG1321432321
3Karen ONG WCG1321222310
4Henry CHOI WCG1321080292
5Linda PANG WCG1321468253
6Des CHEE WCG1321018241
7Ben LIU WCG1421568112
8Christopher PANG WCG1321377104
1Xiaohui HUANG WCG132143318978.5
2Danyi WU WCG162227518499.9
3Ng CHER CHAIR WCG132102816782.6
4Shihao ZHOU WCG142184014708.4
5Maria TUNG WCG132135014009.1
6Chun YU WCG142183913589
7Yiu Hing YAU WCG132137813488
8Lawrence AU WCG132105013426.6
9Un Man AU WCG132107012926.8
10Des CHEE WCG132101812760.8
11Julie LEUNG WCG132133811851.6
12Mimi ANDERSON WCG162227011814.2
13Graham L ANDERSON WCG142171211193.2
14Annie YAU WCG132102611098.7
15Zhen LU WCG142170310960.5
16Ken ZHAO WCG162228210843.2
Latest game result
Monday Day--Wenty Leagues Club
1Mui Haan Koo LEUNG WCG13212091045
2Ng CHER CHAIR WCG1321028885
3Lai CHU WCG1321364815
4Constance LIM WCG1622209700
5Xiaoli WANG WCG1421964575
6Alexander HUNG WCG1321167525
7Yu YU WCG1321041460
8Roger ZHANG WCG1922894435
8Peter LEUNG WCG1321309435
10Aingiok WONG WCG1321111430
Monday Night--the crown and emperor hotel
1Simon LAM WCG1922975445
2Chun YU WCG1421839395
3Karen ONG WCG1321222345
4Fuying JIANG WCG1722414310
5Betty LAM WCG1922990300
6Bernard TINYOW WCG1321488265
7Sau Lin LIM WCG1321063245
8Susanna TINYOW WCG1622231190
9Dingzhi YANG WCG1822709175
10Amy Ah Bee KOIT WCG1421988160
Monday Night--Wenty Leagues Club
1Dominic MOK WCG1321317825
2Meihong LAO WCG1421907700
3Allan.P.C CHAN WCG1421951645
4Lai CHU WCG1321364640
5Binh DU WCG1421566575
6Zhong XI CHANG WCG1321119565
7Weiqiang RUAN WCG1321124530
8Hong YEUNG WCG1321277520
8Maria TUNG WCG1321350520
10Jie HUANG WCG1321365515
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